We're lifelong runners

Skamper was founded by a team of lifelong runners with experience of participating in hundreds of events, and planning and delivering some of the most enjoyable routes in the UK.

Get to know us

Our mission is to make running better

Improved measures

To encourage runners to test themselves against the targets that matter to them, at a time that suits them

Better routes

To give every runner a choice of enjoyable routes within walking distance of their chosen location

Fairer leaderboards

To display leaderboards which reflect personal performance relative to age and gender, not just outright speed

Inclusive community

To create an inclusive running community built on fairness

Our core values

Lowering barriers

We believe that the experience of running a race route shouldn’t be constrained by level of income, access to a car, family commitments, or work schedule.

Fairer results

We believe that performance should be measured in a fair, comparative way. And we believe in celebrating achievements.


We believe that great running routes should be freely accessible to all runners, not just those with confident navigation skills and good local networks.


We respect runners who want to limit their impact on the environment and choose to stay local or experience race routes in a lower carbon way.

The Skamper Team

We are a small group of recreational runners who like racing on new off-road courses but lead busy lives and can’t always fit in with a race calendar. Sometimes we don’t qualify for some of the events we would like to compete in. 

We have experience as race organisers, route planners, guide book authors and cartographers - so we know what makes a great route . We don’t like travelling unnecessarily, so we like to run events near where we happen to be and believe races should be simple and accessible. 

Stephen Ross

Stephen Ross

Stephen is organiser of one of the world’s oldest mountain marathons and he’s an author and publisher of outdoor books. He has spent his career working with innovative and high growth companies. He’s run socially for 40 years and enjoys testing himself against his own targets, rather than other competitors.


Kirsty Reade

Kirsty is commissioning editor for Vertebrate Publishing, the award-winning publisher of adventure books. Having spent 20 years working for publishers in the south of England, she moved to Cumbria in 2018 and spends most of her free time running on the trails and in the fells, enjoying the hills and the views.

Rob__821 crop

Rob Savin

Rob has helped businesses to grow for many years, leading digital development and marketing for some wonderful brands. Rob loves all types of running. Competing and exploring. He lives in Holmfirth where he’ll tell you that he’s surrounded by mile after mile of the best running in the world.


Megan Marchant

Megan is a running enthusiast who competes in cross-country, road running and track races for her local running club. Alongside her competitiveness, she loves encouraging others to run and is a keen community runner, frequently spotted at parkrun. When she’s not making coffees in the local coffee house, she loves going down to North Cornwall and hitting the South West coast path for its beautiful trails.

Shamim Ahmed

Shamim Ahmed

I have a fascination for exploring running race data to uncover trends, analyse runner performance among different age groups, and explore historical patterns in running events, including fell and trail running.


Richard Ross

Richard has worked in cartographic design and production for many years, increasingly in outdoor activity maps. He is also involved in producing and organising multi-day routes for charity events. He runs to keep fit and also likes races as they provide a different challenge